Also, dear tumblr friends, I have an online shop on which I sell the polyclay jewelry I make, it's super cool and takes me weeks to make so check it out:

This tumblr is slowly sinking towards a complete mess. Ooookay.

Pepper, 91-line, quite messy.

Whovian, Frenchlockian, Potterhead, ELF, Boice, I also post/reblog SPN, Cabin Pressure, superhero stuff (all of them), K-drama, random rants, pretty stuff, kittens and puppies and Heechul, Torchwood, memes, Misfits, 2 broke girls/Kat Dennings, serious shit, feminism, film stuff, aaaand... okay much more. Also: I don't have an OTP and don't ship anyone in particular, which obviously means everyone.
Just browse through whatever I reblog. Have a nice scroll down time :D !

NB: and just so you know, tumblr doesn't let me reply to you when you reply to my posts. Shame, I know. Still trying to figure something out.

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